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What is Laryngoscope - Laryngoscope is an illuminating medical examining instrument contains handle and interchangeable blades, used in medical procedure by healthcare providers called laryngoscopy

Humidifier Bottle

What is Humidifier Bottle - Humidifier bottle is a medical device used to humidify oxygen, increases humidity or moisture and decrease dryness of supplemental oxygen during therapy and emergencies with oxygen supplying...

Oxygen Regulaor

What is Oxygen Regulator, Oxygen Regulator Click Type, Bullnose Inlet Oxygen Regulator, where to buy Oxygen Regulator, Oxygen Regulator Online Price, Use of Oxygen Regulator, Oxygen Regulator Online Store....

Do you Delivery Oxygen Cylinder to My City

BajajLifeCare is 20yrs old oxygen cylinder and other accessories supplier, BajajLifeCare Supply Oxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Kit and Other Accessories to Door Delivery in Pan India.

I Want only 1Qty Do you supply Single Pice

Yes, BajajLifeCare process all orders ranges from min qty - 1 you can order online from our ecommcer unit, for Max Qty You can call on 9422101035

What is Delivery Time and Charges

Mostly Single pcs order Dispatch on Same days and Door Delivery in 5-7Days(Estimated). For more accureate Delivery time, Please WhatsApp your Product Name, Qty and complete address on +91 9422101035