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Fiber Optic Paediatric Laryngoscope (Set of 2) with Pouch

The curved design of the Macintosh Blade allows the tip to be guided to the epiglottic vallecula for direct visualization of the glottis whilst maintaining the tongue to the side for intubation. Features: 1 No trauma causing hot bulb. 2 No possibility of loose bulb entering oral airway. 3 Cool high power light. 4 No electrical wires in the blade. 5 No electrical switches 6 Full stainless steel construction. 7 No Flickering. 8 Over 3000 fibers bundled together ensures steady, bright & focused beam. Application: Helps in intubation during the administration of general anaesthesia or for mechanical ventilation. Detects causes of voice problems, such as breathing voice, hoarse voice, weak voice, or no voice. Detects causes of throat and ear pain. Evaluates difficulty in swallowing : a persistent sensation of lump in the throat, or mucous with blood. Detects strictures or injury to the throat, or obstructive masses in the airway. Peadiatric Laryngoscope, optic fiber pediatrics Laryngoscopes for pediatrics Pediatric doctors Cold Light Source, No trauma causing hot bulb No electrical wires in the blade, No electrical switches Full stainless steel construction No Flickering, No possibility of loose bulb entering oral airway For Medical Use Fiber Optic Paediatric Laryngoscope for Pediatric Laparoscopy. Buy, order online Fiber Optic Pediatric Laryngoscope Set of 2 with Pouch best for pediatrics Laryngoscopes for pediatrics and Pediatric doctors

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