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Oxylife® Portable Oxygen 0.5 Kit

Oxylife™ Portable Oxygen kit 0.5 ready to use kit, light weight kit for instant relief, can be used as life saving oxygen kit for medical emergency. Good for traveling and portability used for mountaineering, mountain tracking.

Ward Vaccum 600 ml Jar

Ward Vacuum unit is made up of polycarbonate, unbreakable, shatter resistant & autoclavable. ABS is use for other components to withstand hard usage and provide trouble free service over a longer period of time. The Brackets fits directly on the wall. vacumm jar with 600 ml capacity with high quality material.


Chirayu® Anit-Bedsore Air Mattress

Chirayu Alternating pressure mattress can be used in hosptial and home as a anti-bedsore medcial air mattress, ideal solution for bedsores prevention and care of bed ridden patients, good for pressure ulcers therapy.


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