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Medical Oxygen cylinder imported Click type Regulator 4.5 ltr

Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder 4.5 Ltr 1. Material: Aluminum Alloy 2. Water Capacity: 4.5 LTR 3. Gas Capacity: 675 ltrs. approx. 4. Height Of Cylinder with valve: 750-760 mm 5. Outer Diameter : 114 mm 6. Empty Weight : 6 Kg with valve 7. Filling Pressure : 150 kgf/cm2 8. Test Pressure : 225 kgf/cm2. Kit Bag for carrying kit. Click Type Regulator with Pressure Gauge Inlet Connector : Bullnose Type (thread size: 5/8"), Input pressure: up to 150 bar Outlet Pressure: upto 50 PSI Outlet flow range: 0 to 15 LPM The flow selected, can be easily viewed from the flow selector window It is light weight less than 500gms Incorporated with Safety Valve to release pressure in case of regulator failure. Face Mask is Light weight design,soft feathered edges for increased patient comfort,nose clip for nose bridge adjustment & for better fit,pull through adjustable elastic head band & swivel tubing connector for changing angle of operation without disturbing the mask. Cylinder will be supplied empty.

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