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MRI Compatible Laryngoscope Set with Box

MRI Compatible Laryngoscope set is MRI Safe, MRI equipment key tools, compatibles and MRI Safe, Laryngoscope can be used with MRI machine. Anti-magnetic and intubation laryngoscope set (MRI Compatible Blades with MRI Compatible Handle) MRI compatible safe Set. Buy Complete, Best Quality MRI Safe Instruments At The Most Competitive Prices in India.

Standard Handle with Macintosh MRI Compatible Blades 1,2,3,4 Set with white light, Matt Finished, CE marked, Non-magnetic. Due to LED lamp light emitted is cold. Less power consumption so long Battery life. The Macintosh laryngoscope blade is one the most popular blades in use today. The English profile has a smooth, gentle curve that extends from the base to the tip and a flange that starts at the lock and continues to the tip, narrowing gradually.

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