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Portable Oxygen Kit

Portable Oxygen kit - Oxylife 2.2 Kit is easy to use oxygen kit for home user. Oxylife Kit is ready to use comes with all essential accessories required. Portable Oxygen Kit Includes Lightweight Oxygen Cylinder (Medical Portable Oxygen cylinder), Bag, Click type Oxygen Regulator and Oxygen Nasal Cannula.

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Last Updated - 07-Oct-2020
Specification of Portable Oxygen Kit
Oxylife 2.2 - Portable Oxygen Kit
Water Capacity  2.2 liters
Oxygen Gas Capacity 330 liters
Height without valve 360 mm
Height with valve 445 mm
Outer Diameter of Cylinder 110 mm
Weight of Filled Cylinder 3.42kg
Cylinder Filling Pressure 150
Test Pressure of Cylinder 225
Cylinder Working Duration 2hrs to 2:30hrs


It can be used in any emergencies, like disasters due to natural calamities (flood, fire, earthquake) accidents, riots etc. for providing on site oxygenation & transporting.
Other Recommendable uses:

  1. For all emergency situation like Industrial & Road accidents.
  2. Transportation of critical patients.
  3. Heart attack useful with mouth to mask resuscitation in case of cardiac arrest & arrhythmias.
  4. Asthma attack while moving.
  5. During suffocation & fainting.
  6. For anesthetic & all doctors emergency kit bag.
  7. As a first aid by patients/ relative/ attendant till the arrival of expert medical aid.
  8. As a source of oxygen with Resuscitation kit.
  9. For sports persons.
  10. As a valuable anti pollution measure for the relief from CO2, carbon mono oxide, SO2, respirable suspended particles etc.
  11. Useful for all emergency personnel like fire fighter, police etc. for use in disaster situation like earthquake, flood, fire, riots etc.
  12. Useful for industries like steel, forging, casting, chemical, petroleum, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, textile, food & other, especially where the hazardous chemical & equipments such as boiler, big furnace, reactor, melting pots etc. are being used. Where the small mistake or oversight of worker/ operator can be fatal & disastrous.
  13. It is the best first aid for chlorine inhalation.
  14. It can be the most important part of Rescue kits for road & air, Ambulances, Railways rescue trains, military camps during war, different mines rescue centers such as Coalmines, Manganese mines, Copper mines, Gold mines etc.
  15. It can be placed at all such places where the fire extinguishers are installed,
    • Useful at swimming pools.
    • Useful for Blood Banks, Radiology Dept. such as X-rays, C T Scans and MRI etc to the emergencies.
    • Useful for all offices, entertainment and recreation places wherever the turn around of public is more.
It carries 65-70lits of oxygen
Actually oxygen is in compressed form. It is filled at the pressure of 130- 150Kgf/cm2.
Light weight aluminium alloy.
It indicates the pressure of content inside the cylinder. When filled it shows the pointer at 130-150kgf/cm2 & when empty pointer is at ?0?kgf/cm2.
Outlet pressure is 0-60psi & outlet flow is 0-6LPM.
Yes, each & every cylinder is tested hydraulically to confirm its pressure carrying capacity.
Yes, It is approved by Chief Controller of Explosives, Govt. of India, Nagpur.
Yes, it is refillable
It is refillable at any Medical Oxygen Manufacturing plant and/or oxygen refilling service providers in India with the help of Refill adaptor provided with this unit.
No, provided ON-OFF knob is properly closed down.
You can simply perform the leak test as given in ?OPERATING INSTRUCTION/MANUAL?.
Yes, as per Indian FDA Medical Oxygen should be consumed within 5yrs from the date of refilling.
Cylinder is to be tested hydraulically after every 5yrs.
Any oxygen manufacturing plant having testing facility can do this.
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